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Glasgow City

As the popular Glaswegian saying goes “people make Glasgow.” Until you visit Glasgow you won’t really understand how true this saying is. Glaswegians have a great sense of humour, if you want a good giggle you can certainly count on us for it. Glasgow truly is a vibrant city, one that will stay in your heart forever. 

There is a wide variety of food in Glasgow. Recently new and exciting restaurants and food chains have been popping up, mostly in the city centre and west end. If you are craving Mexican/Tex-Mex Topolabama is the place to go. It’s in the city centre, can be slightly pricey but always worth a visit. Also Taco Bell has recently arrived in the city centre. One of the most popular restaurants in Glasgow at the moment is Miller & Carter which mostly sells steak. Although you’ll have to book a table way in advance and it is quite expensive. 


If you are looking for coffee, Costa is always a classic and can be found all over the city. Or if you are looking for an independent coffee shop try Riverhill or Laborato Espresso both in the city centre. My personal favourite at the moment is Tinderbox, the ice coffees are arguably the best in Glasgow. 


If you want ice cream or Italian food try Celinos on Alexandra Parade or Coia’s on Duke Street. If you are craving desserts go for Desserts on Sauchihall street, Black Vanilla on Duke street or Big Licks in the West End. 


There are so many great places to visit in Glasgow. In the West End is the botanical gardens which is beautiful in summer time. Also the Kelvingrove Museum is always worth a visit. In the city centre there is the GOMA museum (which is free), George Square and of course Buchanan Street if you fancy a bit of shopping. 


Hope you enjoy exploring Glasgow.

- MJ

Mary Joanna Getliffe

Harvest Alumni, Class of 2013

As a Glasgow native, Mary Jo (MJ) is passionate about her city and the people that make Glasgow. She actively serves at New Life Church Glasgow, her home church. Sis. MJ is one of the many friendly faces you will come to know when you visit.

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