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James Dallas Scholarship

The General Board of the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland offers a scholarship annually to those from the United Kingdom and Ireland who qualify to attend Harvest Bible College. This scholarship is awarded to one student per school year. The scholarship is in honour of Rev. James Dallas, the late General Superintendent of the United Pentecostal Church of Great Britain & Ireland. The James Dallas Scholarship covers one-half of the cost of tuition, room and board. In order to qualify for this scholarship, one must meet the following requirements set forth by the General Board:


1. Applicants must have written approval from their pastor to attend the college.


2. Applicants must present a summary of their current church involvement and ministry.


3. A letter must be written to the General Board by the applicant expressing why he/she desires to attend Harvest Bible College and how they feel the school will enhance their future ministry.


4. An essay must be submitted explaining the Biblical plan of salvation.


5. A picture of yourself must be submitted.


Please email your application by 1 June along with the required items listed above to:

Or mail to 179 Shettleston Rd. Glasgow G31 5JL (Application must be received by 1 June.)

Other Scholarships

We occasionally are able to award more than one student a scholarship through private scholarships that become available each year. If you would like to be considered for any available scholarship, submit your application through the same steps listed above (James Dallas Scholarship). 

Important Scholarship Info

* Completion of application by 1 June, including references.

* Scholarship funds will be applied to the second half of a student’s fees for the year.


* Placement on disciplinary probation may be grounds for forfeiting tuition discounts.

* If a student withdraws from the College before the completion of the school year, the full amount of the tuition discount for that academic year is forfeited.


* Failure to obtain an approved Leave of Absence before withdrawing from the College terminates the student’s eligibility to renew tuition discounts.

* Accounts from previous semesters must be paid in full to receive a tuition discount.


* Once you have submitted a completed application by the deadline of 1 June, the Scholarship Committee will review each applicant. The Scholarship Committee will make their recommendation for who should receive scholarship monies. HBC will notify each recipient that is awarded a scholarship. If no communication is received, you should assume that you did not receive a scholarship.

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