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Harvest Alumni

Class of 2010

I went to Harvest Bible College straight after finishing university and it allowed me to develop spiritually and personally. I met a variety of different people and gained friendships that have lasted until this day. Little did I know at the time that Bible College was allowing me to put a foundation of basic principles in my life that have helped me in my Christian walk. I look back at this time with great appreciation for the mentors and teachers that I had and can’t wait to see the next generation of Bible college students graduate and obey the call of the God in their lives.


—  Rev. Luis Jiménez, Former GB&I National Youth Leader

Zach Melrose

Class of 2013

"I attended in 2012 and I’m thankful for everything I was taught. One of the most important things I learnt was finding time to pray. This is an essential part of one’s walk with God and HBC encouraged me to really invest in my prayer life, because it’s what will keep you firm, especially when you’re faced with the storms of life afterwards. This became evident post-graduation when circumstances arose that I could only survive in trusting the Lord. Through my experience in HBC I’ve learnt to pursue a deeper relationship with God, that has also enabled me to obey and find my joy in Him."

Charmea Kiessling

Class of 2014

The decision to attend Harvest Bible College (HBC) was one of the greatest investments that changed the trajectory of my life and ministry. The reward I gained was far more than any formal education could offer.  I found HBC to be a unique learning experience; the theory and knowledge gained within the classroom was balanced with practical ministry opportunities in the field. Today, as a church planter, teacher and Pastor’s wife, I am grateful for the invaluable experiences that undoubtedly paved the way.

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