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Harvest Bible College offers a year 2 course of study with an emphasis on practical ministry. The second year programme is primarily an internship although there is an academic component provided. Upon completion of the second year, students receive an accredited diploma in theology.


In partnership with Urshan College, the second year programme involves three distance learning courses. These are fully accredited courses as listed below:


Term 1: Analysis of Personal and Spiritual Formation

Term 2: Explore Apostolic Missiology

Term 3: Analyse Conflict Management and Resolution


Students are expected to complete the above course within the term time allotted. The biggest part of the second-year training involves on-site practical ministry development in a local assembly. The scope of this ministry can involve anything from initiating a new ministry in a church or enhancing a current established ministry. The goal is to help students hone their skills and, at the same time, stretch their ministry capability to new heights.


The goal of the second year programme is to assign students to various approved churches within the United Kingdom to do their internship. Students who are not located at the main Glasgow campus will receive multiple visits each term by a senior staff member to assess their progress.


Fees for Year 2 are as follows:


On-Campus: £3960.00

This includes application fee, tuition, books, graduation fee, internet, room deposit, and room and board.

Off-Campus: £1550.00

This includes application fee, tuition, books, off-site inspection fees, and graduation fee. Internet and living expenses are the personal responsibility of each student.

NOTE: We are now offering the Year 2 Programme in some countries outside of the United Kingdom. For more information contact our school office at


All academic courses must be completed at a passing level and all practical ministry performed at an acceptable level in order to graduate. Students are expected to attend the graduation ceremony when they will receive their diploma that is fully endorsed by the British Accreditation Council and NCFE, the external awarding body.


Download our policy for online courses below.

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