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This isn't just any Distance Learning Programme. HBC Altered is aimed to still produce well equipped harvesters with a missional mindset to reach those both near and far. Whether you are aspiring to grow in the Word, become equipped for the ministry, or perhaps wish to simply expand your training, this programme could be your next step!
Through our 10 month Distance Learning Programme, a graduate will receive an accredited certification through our awarding body, NCFE. The course will involve 9 hours of lecture and class work hours per week.  There will also be a live lecture component for each course where students can interact with the instructor.  

Learn the WORD
  1. Introductory Review of the Bible

  2. Analyse Biblical Culture and Setting

  3. Hermeneutics – Applied Biblical Interpretation

  4. Develop Christian Discipline

  5. Identify Prayer Strategies 

  6. Study of the Pentateuch 

  7. Introduction to Core Biblical Doctrines 

  8. Identify Apostolic Distinctives

  9. An Exploration of the New Birth

  10. Discover Principles of Holiness

  11. Understanding the Oneness of God

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Apply the WORD
  1. A Study of the Historical Books

  2. Study of the Major Prophets

  3. Study of the Minor Prophets

  4. Explore the Life of Christ

  5. Analyse the Formation of the First Church   

  6. Study of the Pauline Epistles

  7. Identify Spiritual Gifts and Callings 

  8. Study of the Pauline Epistles II  

  9. Study of General Epistles 

  10. Analyse End-Time Prophecy 

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Share the WORD
  1. Homiletics – Mastering Practical Applications

  2. Explore and Implement Global Missiology

  3. Discover Church Planting Principles

  4. Develop A Christian Worldview

  5. Analyse Revival Principles

  6. Develop Effective Outreach Methods

  7. Interpret and Apply Christian Ethics

  8. Develop Principle Centred Leadership


The cost of this course will only be £1000 for the entire year!

Books are not included in price.

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per month


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