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Sandrine Houssou

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By Sandrine Houssou

Hi everyone

I’m back to update you on the month of November. 

Starting off with the Northern District Retreat! It was great to see my pastor and many other ministers and there families join together. Some of our students got the chance to decorate and serve food, which will be a great benefit to them for learning hospitality. It was a nice time of fellowship and good food.

Speaking of food, most of us went down to Black Rooster to eat, for the first time. They have great chicken. Little things like this creates good memories.

Moving on to (I’m going to call this a mini highlight) Guy Fawkes Day! 
This was a new experience for some of our students including myself, and what a funny, memorable one it was. We enjoyed good food and music, including the playing of the bagpipes by one of our American guest teachers. Towards the end of the night, things got heated up....we eventually got a bonfire going and we burnt our home-made version of Guy Fawkes, following tradition. It was different but fun and we ended up having fireworks flying in every direction at the end. (At least our bonfire didn’t explode.)

Now, for a first big NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHT!


Most of our 1st and 2nd year students got the opportunity to travel to France for EYC 2018 (European Youth Conference) in Melun. We went sight-seeing in Paris, ate good food, but most of all heard powerful preaching. Between the great conference, beautiful Paris and amazing French people, it’ll be a memory I’ll never forget. This was the first of four trips we have the chance to go on as students and this one was worth it. 

Getting back to HBC, 1st and 2nd years held their first fundraiser event, “Wing Dinger”, where they made good food to sell. Our fundraisers help the students raise money for our international trips, like France.

Edinburgh also celebrated their 15th anniversary, which we got to celebrate with them over 3 days. This included a lovely banquet with good food from different nationalities. 

(We seem to be getting good food everywhere)

Small mention for the surprise birthday party we threw for one of our friends. I love when we get together to do things like that for each other. 

So, because it was getting close to the “most wonderful time of the year” we had another big NOVEMBER HIGHLIGHT!


It was wonderful. It was just great for the students who would be celebrating thanksgiving away from there families for the first time, to celebrate with their HBC family. We all cooked and made different kinds guessed it...good food! Listening to everyone giving thanks to God for all the things He has done for us was touching. 

To end November, on a good note, literally, the music department held a music cafe. We have many talented singers and instrumentalists. It was a great evening of praise, worship and fellowship. 

And that’s November’s update! 

Thank you for reading and remember to come back for December’s update. 

We love to let you know what’s going on behind the doors of HBC. 

Stay blessed



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