TUITION FOR 10 MONTH COURSE                                                            £     900.00

APPLICATION FEE (Non-Refundable)                                                         £       50.00

ROOM DEPOSIT                                                                                          £       50.00

ROOM & BOARD                                                                                          £  2,610.00

BOOKS & MATERIAL                                                                                   £     200.00

INTERNET (Optional)                                                                                   £     100.00

GRADUATION FEE                                                                                      £       50.00


TOTAL AMOUNT OF FEES                                                                         £   3,960.00




Harvest Bible College provides residential accommodation for students at the above fee (i.e. Room & Board). This comprises a shared furnished room, electric, water, laundry facilities, heating, and one hot meal per day on school days.




If, for some reason, a student withdraws from the college any fees that have been paid in advance for the present term will not be refunded. If fees have been paid in advance for a future term, those fees will be refunded.


Provided a student's room is left in satisfactory condition, the room deposit of £50.00 will be refunded upon their departure.



No student will be allowed to begin a new term of study if there are unpaid fees from the previous term. No student is allowed to graduate with unpaid fees.


To download the Harvest Bible College fees page, click here.

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